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This section of provides public access, free to download for personal use only, to members' books about their personal experiences in Subud. Large files may take a couple of minutes to download. When someone enquires about Subud, please refer them to this site.Some titles are available for purchase in hard copy as separately indicated elsewhere on this site, or from:

Subud Publications International Ltd,
Loudwater Farm,
Loudwater Lane,
WD3 4HG, UK.
Tel: 44-1727-762210

by administrator, (27-Oct-2005)


What is Subud? by Edward Van Hien (15-Aug-05)
In this book the author, who lays no claim whatever to outstanding spiritual gifts, explains in a simple direct way just what Subud is and what it means when you practice it. (Full Text + download)
Towards Subud by John P. Barter (1-Jun-05)
"This book is about Subud. Many who read the book will not have heard the name before, and may well be astonished that something so momentous has taken place or is taking place in the world without their knowledge"
Subud by Robert Lyle (22-Jun-05)
"A straightforward introduction to Subud." Preface by Varindra Tarzie Vittachi.

A Way Through the World by Robert Lyle (17-Oct-05)

Liiving Religion in Subud by Matthew Barry Sullivan (17-Oct-05)
Practicing Christians, Jews and Muslims tell why they are also members of Subud.

A Reporter in Subud by Varindra Tarzie Vittachi (4-Feb-05)
Assignment Subud
A Memoir of Subud
Fruitful Droppings
This unique quartet is full of amusing stories, anecdotes and wisdom.

Subud survival guide ( if you are interested in this ebook, please contact us ) by Harry Armytage (4-May-05)
Especially for the young, but also for those new to
Subud & young in the latihan

Antidote: Experience of a Spiritual Energy by Salamah Pope (editor)(12-Jul-05)
A collection of stories written by people of different races, religions and social backgrounds who feel the presence of God, as a spiritual energy, working in them and in their daily lives.

Glimpses of Reality by Dirk Campbell-collector and editor (18-Oct-05)
From the Talks and Remembered Sayings of Muhammed Subuh

A Life Within a Life by Dominic C. H. Rieu (compiler and editor) (18-Oct-05)
An Introduction to Subud: Talks by Bapak Mohammed Subuh

And Other Secret Things by Dominic C. H. Rieu (compiler and editor) (18-Oct-05)
Talks about Subud by Bapak Mohammed Subuh Sumohadiwidjoyo, 1980 - 1983

Subud Is A Way of Life by Harlinah Longcroft (21-Sep-05)

Reflections on Subud by Husein Rofe (20-Jul-08)
"Recommended as necessary reading not only for those who have recognized the significance of Subud, but also for everyone
concerned with spiritual values in this modern world absorbed in the
pursuit of material comfort and power".


A Subud Bibliography by Matthew Clark (26-Mar-05)


Groundwork for Caring: The Benaix Experience by Matthew Barry Sullivan (17-Oct-05)
This book introduces Subud to psychology and psychology to Subud


Finding the Light by Siti Muti'ah Lestiono (18-Aug-05)
A Personal Account of Discovering the Meaning of Life